Day 105


Day: 105

Date: 18 Jun 2016 0935PM

Location: Housatonic State Park

Today's Miles: 2.9

Total Miles: 1469.5


Unexpected Nero day!


Got a ride into Kent, CT this morning and hit up the grocery store first. Did my shopping and ate a box of cereal with some fancy organic milk in the parking lot.


Went to a local restaurant with another hiker  for breakfast. It was delicious. Breakfast burrito, refried beans, biscuits and gravy, and a few cups of coffee.


Hit up the 'outfitter' for some bug spray and trekking pole tip replacements. No luck with the tips, so I headed on out to the trail to continue on my day.


Got to a nice stream just north of the trailhead and decided to sit in it for about an hour. I was still full of food from town so hiking was a bit out of the question. Laid in the sun to dry off, continued on my way.


Met a local trail maintainer today who was out painting white blazes. I sheepishly asked if I could paint one and he said yes! Check!


Got about two miles out of town before I hit some trail magic that a fellow thru hiker's father put on for us. Sat down, ate a bunch of food, didn't move for the rest of the day.


Went back with a few hikers to the state park our trail angel rented for the night. Set up camp, built a fire, ate pizza, crashed in bed.