Day 106


Date: 19 Jun 2016 1036PM

Location: Falls Village Picnic Area

Today's Miles: 22.6

Total Miles: 1492.1


Long day, hot day. Was able to slack pack most of today and I'm super glad that I did. Ridiculously hot and hilly today.


Drank a ton of water, still had a hard go. Super glad to be almost done with Connecticut.


Met back up with our trail angel from last night near the end of the day. Totally pigged out on whatever snacks he had left. Shortly after leaving the parking lot where he was, we came across the local high school's annual FFA chicken dinner. Paid the donation, ate my fill of chicken, potatoes, salad and ice cream, then the kids came out with all the leftovers wrapped up for us. Breakfast!


Cowboy camping across from the hydro plant in Falls Village, CT tonight. We're not sure if it's a legit camping spot but we got in real late so we're going to wing it.