Day 88


Date: 01 Jun 2016 0936PM

Location: 501 Shelter

Today's Miles: 12.6

Total Miles: 1193.1


Shorter day today, hiked to route 501 and hopped off the trail since my family lives nearby.


Good day, hot day. Hard to drink enough water right now. Going to have to up my hydration game.


Got picked up, gorged myself on McDonald's, and got a haircut. Took a hot bath, and a cold shower, ended up passing out and hitting my head on the side of the tub. Guess I stood up too quickly after lying in the hot water too long. Whoops!


Spending the night with family, heading back out tomorrow to slack pack to Port Clinton, PA where I'll get picked up for another night in a bed. Last chance for my family to conduct trail magic since I'll be leaving the area for good very soon.