Day 89


Date: 02 Jun 2016 0958PM

Location: Port Clinton, PA

Today's Miles: 23.8

Total Miles: 1216.9


Early morning, one of the downsides to sleeping away from the trail. Family took me in last night, so at least there was a shower and some delicious food to be had.


Got to the trail around 0730, met with a fellow hiker and gave him a Mountain Dew he had requested the day prior. Even though I was slack packing today, I took my time.


Day was beautiful, but went by slowly for some reason. Spent the first half of the day meandering along the trail, and the latter half of the day nursing a complete blowout of my left boot. 1300+ miles on a pair of shoes ain't half bad though.


Made it into town and got picked up for the last time. Had a hearty dinner at Red Robbin, and swung by the Cabelas in Hamburg, PA to buy another set of shoes. Tried on quite a few pairs but nothing felt right, so I bought another set of boots practically identical to the ones I've been wearing. I don't really need a waterproof Gortex boot for the summer, but if it means no blisters then I'm game. Plus, if these last only 80% of the miles the last pair did, I'll be finished with the trail anyway.


All is well. Onward!