Day 108


Date: 21 Jun 2016 1154PM

Location: South Mount Wilcox Shelter

Today's Miles: 19.7

Total Miles: 1532.3


Good night in the shelter, thunderstormed early in the morning. Woke up, listened to the rain, went back to sleep.


Last one to leave the shelter this morning, got a slow start. Hiked out a few miles and participated in the tradition of hike naked day associated with the summer solstice. Shed my clothes, walked about a quarter of a mile, threw them back on. Felt like I was back in the Marines, snooping and pooping on patrol to ensure I didn't get caught.


Walked a few miles further and stopped at the ATC's regional offices 0.1 off the trail. Charged my phone, ate lunch, resupplied on water.


Hiked to the road crossing for Great Barrington, MA and hitched into town. Hit up the grocery store and a local bagel shop, then hitched back to the trail. Got super lucky today, waited under five minutes for each hitch.


Left town late in the afternoon and arrived at a shelter. Decided to keep on hiking into the night, not quite sure where I was going to end up. Made it to the next shelter a few miles away, hiking through with my headlamp. Arrived to see many, many headlamps, apparently a group of teen boys got the the area late.


This shelter has two shelters on site, an old and a new. I arrived at the old shelter around 2245 and found it empty(!), meaning I could set up my stuff and eat dinner without worrying about waking someone up.


Looking forward to tomorrow. Another hiker lives in the area and his family is throwing a barbecue.