Day 112


Date: 25 Jun 2016 0932PM

Location: St. Mary's - Cheshire, MA

Today's Miles: 20.8

Total Miles: 1577.7


Hiked out of mosquito hell this morning on a mission to do some miles. Didn't get up early, but I've got a hot date in Hanover, NH in a few days so I need to keep up the miles to get there in time.


Relatively flat for most of the morning making the cruise on in to Dalton, MA pretty straightforward. Walked into town, grabbed some bagel sandwiches and a cup of coffee, charged my phone, and purchased some groceries at a gas station. Gas station resupplies aren't my favorite, but you can usually find enough of a selection to get by on.


Hiked up and over a big ole hill into Cheshire, MA where a local church puts up hikers in a gymnasium-style fellowship hall for the night. Walked to Dunkin Donuts for some dinner, and bought two new Smartwater bottles to replace the ones I've been carrying (and reusing daily) since somewhere in southern Virginia. 


Probably need to be up early tomorrow morning since tomorrow is Sunday and I'm sleeping in the kindergarten Sunday school classroom. We'll see how surprised they are when they find me in here and I'm still asleep in the morning!