Day 113


Date: 26 Jun 2016 1000PM

Location: Sherman Brook Campsite

Today's Miles: 16.1

Total Miles: 1593.8


Big day of ups today.


Left the church bright and early this morning, hit of the Dunkin Donuts and started to climb.


Mount Greylock took most of the morning to climb, and after getting to the to top I took a little break and ate some food from the cafe.


Wasn't feeling it after the climb in the heat, so when I got down into North Adams, MA I ordered a pizza and sat in the grass for a little while.


After my dinner, I hiked the two miles up and out of town to a campsite. It's super full of people, and the bear box is chock full of food, but I managed to find a flat spot and set up a little cowboy camp for the night.


Vermont, here I come!