Day 115


Date: 28 Jun 2016 0814PM

Location: Story Spring Shelter

Today's Miles: 17.4

Total Miles: 1629.6


Late start today, been feeling pretty lethargic lately. Terrain was forgiving though, so my late start didn't cause too many problems.


We've definitely entered into New England. The landscape reminds me a lot of the hiking up in Maine, and hopefully the change in scenery will bolster my spirits.


Beat the rain two days in a row. Might rain tonight, but I got a spot in the shelter. After I arrived, a whole bunch of hikers I've hiked with previously showed up. Great to see them again.


Bumped into a girl who grew up down the street from where I did, and who went to the same high school as me. Blew my mind.


Seems to me that anyone who's made it this far is out of their mind. This makes for good company, even if everyone is starting to clump together a travel in a pack for some reason.