Day 95


Date: 08 Jun 2016 0603PM

Location: Mohican Outdoor Center

Today's Miles: 10.6

Total Miles: 1303.6


Short day today. Woke up in a bad mood, then got thunderstormed on. Temperatures dropped, rain was flying sideways for hours, just a bad morning.


walked past the southernmost glacier body of water. Would have been a lot nicer if the skies hadn't opened up on me shortly after!


Got to the MOC, an AMC run establishment, and decided to stay. Hot food, a shower, and dry clothes fixed me right up. Talked with a few people throughout the night, mostly day and section hikers. Bunked with some prior Army guys, definitely a lot easier to talk to.


Looking forward to the good weather the next few days, and putting in some solid miles.


Left my childhood home of Pennsylvania today. It was fun to visit, but I'm homeward bound to my final destination: Maine.