Day 96


Date: 09 Jun 2016 0904PM

Location: Gren Anderson Shelter

Today's Miles: 20.8

Total Miles: 1324.5


Slept well last night in a real bed. Made myself a huge pot of oatmeal from the hiker box in the shared kitchen. Boots and socks were dry this morning, all was right in the world.


Left the MOC in high spirits. Weather was cool and crisp, and there was a strong wind, but the sun was shining bright and remained so all day.


Ate lunch at a nice viewpoint overlooking the Pocono mountain range. Took it slow most of the day, but still arrived at the shelter with plenty of time.


An older gentleman was at the shelter, comes up every once in awhile to do trail magic. Nothing fancy, just some sodas, but still greatly appreciated. We sat and talked for an hour or two while I did my camp chores and made dinner.


Have the shelter all to myself tonight, just me and the mice.