Day 125


Date: 08 Jul 2016 0907PM

Location: Smarts Mountain

Today's Miles: 23.4

Total Miles: 1770.3


Woke up pretty early today, was on my way out of town by 0600. Didn't get a very good nights sleep unfortunately, what with the heat and all of the bugs.


Long day otherwise, big ups and downs. The Whites are slowly beginning, but won't be s thing for the next few days. 


Hiked past the Ice Cream Man's house today. While he died in March, the family is still keeping his traditions alive by ensuring a freezer is chock full of ice cream sandwiches for thru hikers who pass by. 


Near the end of the day I ended up hiking high enough to be in the clouds again. Too bad, since I hear the views are spectacular from Smarts Mountain. Hopefully it clears by morning.


Got to the shelter later than anticipated, not until after 2030. It's a little cabin, and is completely full, with most people asleep already. Nobody seemed very interested in scooting over or offering me a spot, so I'm instead out on the little porch set up for the night. It's supposed to rain tonight, hope I don't get too wet.