Day 129

Date: 12 Jul 2016 0905PM

Location: Liberty Springs Campsite

Today's Miles: 13.8

Total Miles: 1818.6


Left my stealth site around 0700 this morning, hiked through some more extremely rugged terrain. Tons of roots and rocks, and giant mud pits engulfed the trail today. Really slows you down having to hop around from stone to stone, in addition to avoiding all the other hazards on the trail.


Was treated to a fantastic set of views on Kinsman Mountain today. From the south peak we could see all of what we've hiked thus far, and from the north peak it was nothing but a beautiful layout of the peaks to come. I took advantage of the great weather and had lunch up top, then laid in the sun for an hour or so (even got enough sun to get a little pink on my chest :)


Finished the day off hiking most of the way the next set of mountains. Cowboy camping at an AMC campsite tonight. 


Looking forward to walking the ridge tomorrow, the potential for amazing views is high!