Day 130

Date: 13 Jul 2016 0616PM

Location: Galehead Hut

Today's Miles: 10.4

Total Miles: 1829.0


Spectacular day today. Lots of climbing, but there were some *incredible* views.


We were treated to the most amazing views while walking along a two plus mile stretch of ridge walking. Mount Lincoln and Lafayette both reminded me of those scenes from Lord of the Rings, when they light the huge fires atop each of the the ginormous mountains... yea, it was a fantastic, clear, sunny day of mountains and views.


Arrived at one of the AMC run huts late in the day, the entire group really lallygagging about and enjoying the day. I decided to ask for a work for stay and was granted it, the rest of the group pushing up onto the top of South Twin Mountain to find some stealth camping spots.


The Croo ended up not needing me this evening, so I'll be working tomorrow morning before heading out. Ended up eating a bunch of leftover pulled pork and corn bread, and playing cards for a little bit before it was lights out.


Crazy story, I met an older gentleman who is a relative of the people I used to live with when I previously lived in Maine and rented a place. We talked for quite some time, practically reminiscing.


Heading into town tomorrow evening to hit up another one of the Yellow Deli establishments. Really looking forward to spending another evening with the group I've been hiking with the past few months.


It truly was an amazing day to be on the trail.