Day 131

Date: 14 Jul 2016 1102PM

Location: Yellow Deli Hostel - Lancaster, NH

Today's Miles: 14.7

Total Miles: 1843.7


Slept on the dining room floor of the hut last night, woke up before the rest of the guests and packed all my stuff up. Made myself my usual breakfast of Carnation Instant Breakfasts, had four packets, both because I'm resupplyin tomorrow, and I thought the extra calories couldn't hurt.


Waited around for the guests to eat their breakfasts and for the Croo to finish up their morning chores, then I got put to work. Ate a bunch of breakfast leftovers, then swept the entire hut and did a few dishes as part of my work for stay. Ate a second breakfast of leftovers before pushing out for the day.


Pretty foggy for the majority of the day so the viewpoints weren't very worthwhile. Pushed hard to get in the miles to meet back up with the group and catch a 1800 shuttle to the hostel. Made it in plenty of time, with a thunderstorm hot on my heels.


Sat around the parking lot waiting for the shuttle, when the sky began plinking us with warning drops. Someone quick threw up a tarp and we all huddled underneath to wait for the shuttle.


Long drive in to town, but we had to swing by Pinkham Notch on the other side of Mount Washington to pick up a few other hikers. Awesomely enough, it was two hikers who none of us have seen in weeks, so a happy reunion ensued.


Took a shower, ate some pizza, sat around talking about evolution until the hostel's quiet hours kicked in. I'm usually the instigator for these conversations, and it's fun to see where they end up. 


Zero for me tomorrow, but the group will move on. Might be the last time I see some of these people, and that makes me sad - but that is the nature of the trail, and life.