Day 133

Date: 16 Jul 2016 0947PM

Location: Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Today's Miles: 11.1

Total Miles: 1854.8


Awesome night of sleep last night in a super comfy bed. Took another shower, packed up my stuff, and ate a huge breakfast of egg casserole, berry and banana pancakes, fried potatoes, melon, and a cup of coffee.


Hopped in the car and drove back to the trail. My wonderful hostess hiked about an hour up the trail with me before parting ways. It was definitely the best zero day I've had on the trail.


First half of the day was straight up, but once on the ridge the hiking was much more pleasant. The fog and clouds threatened to wipe out the views, but overall I ended up hiking just below the cloud cover.


Got to the hut and was given another work for stay. Dinner was a fantastic thanksgiving spread. Upon completion, I noticed the sky had cleared up dramatically, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside to watch what has to have been the best sunset I've seen on the trail.


Hit up some evening chores back in the hut, whereupon it was lights out and quiet time. Rolled out my sleeping stuff, got settled in on the dining room floor, tossed in the ear plugs and waited for the night owls to go to sleep.