Day 134

Date: 17 Jul 2016 0942PM

Location: Gorham, NH - Red Barn Hostel

Today's Miles: 14.9

Total Miles: 1869.7


Waited around the hut this morning for the breakfast that comes with the work for stay. Ate a few pancakes, eggs, and the bread that was leftover from last night. Finished it all off with a few bowls of oatmeal and off I went.


The hut is only a mile from the summit of Mt. Washington, and visibility was clear when I left the hut. It slowly clouded over as the hike went on, but there were a few good views while hiking up.


Arrived at the top and went into the visitor center to check the place out. Read a bunch of exhibits, grabbed a cup of coffee, waited in line to get my picture taken at the summit.


Rest of the day was rocks. Loads and loads of rock hopping, the majority of it down hill. The day slowly cleared up, the skies turned to blue, and only the errant white and fluffy cloud that got pushed into the mountain caused any trouble.


Took a lunch break at the Madison Spring Hut, ate a bunch of leftover oatmeal that the croo put out.


Unfortunately missed my hostel shuttle this evening. Arrived at Pinkham Notch about thirty minutes late. Ended up getting a hitch into Gorham, NH instead and finding another place to stay.


Ordered a pizza and some onion rings, talked with the wife, showered and hit the rack.