Day 135

Date: 18 Jul 2016 1021PM

Location: The Barn Hostel - Gorham, NH

Today's Miles: 21.1

Total Miles: 1890.8


Woke up this morning after a solid sleep on the hostel couch. They ran out of beds but let me crash anyway.


Ate my leftover pizza for breakfast and was trying to determine what the plan of the day would be, when on a whim I decided to hop in a shuttle and slack pack over Wildcat Mountain. It's know as the most difficult climb on the AT in the Whites, and it definitely lived up to its reputation.


It was a rough day regardless, but it was made even more fun when it thunder-hailed on us mid-day. It then thunder stormed  near the end of the day, but by that point I was already soaked so it didn't really matter too much.


Grabbed a bowl of soup and a few pieces of chocolate cake at a hut along the way today. Helped fuel my day, and was a welcome respite.


Morning took a lot longer then expected, so I spent the last couple of miles jogging down the trail to catch my shuttle before darkness fell. My knees won't be thanking me tomorrow.


Shuttled to Walmart for a resupply, and had some pizza when I got back to the hostel. Hung my clothes up to dry, grabbed a quick shower, and off I go to sleepy land.