Day 118


Day: 118

Date: 01 Jul 2016 0728PM

Location: Big Branch Shelter

Today's Miles: 13.5

Total Miles: 1667.2


Unimpressive day today. Got a late start and didn't end up going very far due to some pretty serious thunderstorms in the afternoon. Isn't too troubling, although I did have plans to be moving a bit further today.


It was difficult to leave this morning. For some reason, yesterday had such a huge effect on me. It truly was one of the best days on the trail; the perfect combination of weather, location, and people to spend it with.


Even so, the weather held off for most of the day and the hiking was pleasurable. Got to a shelter just after it started pouring so I wasn't overly wet when I arrived. Cooked up some dinner to wait out the storm but it just kept getting worse and worse so I decided to stay.