Day 119


Date: 02 Jul 2016 0926PM

Location: Clarendon Shelter

Today's Miles: 16.9

Total Miles: 1684.1


No rain today, which was great. Chilly and windy, but the sun was shining enough to keep warm by when we weren't moving.


Walked through some beautiful woodlands today. Pine needle floor, pristine white rocks, and clear lakes.


Early in the day I bumped into some police officers and forest service personnel. They're on the trail looking for someone who "isn't dangerous, but to take caution". They showed me a picture, but I haven't seen the guy.


Hoofed it hard today in hopes that I could get to a restaurant that closes by 3PM. They were super nice people, and even though I arrived a few minutes before closing, they stayed open a little longer and let me order food.


Passed an awesome little gorge with a fast-running stream through it. I had to pass it to get to the road with the restaurant, but decided to backtrack the short distance and take a dip. It was totally worth it. Perfect temperature water, and a swimming hole deep enough to float around in.


Really glad I decided not to hike late into the night and instead swam around for a little while. Got to the shelter and basically everyone I know is here. It's nice to be hiking in a group of familiar people who've gotten this far on the trail.