Day 120


Date: 03 Jul 2016 0827PM

Location: Yellow Deli Hostel - Rutland, VT

Today's Miles: 16.7

Total Miles: 1700.8


Early to rise today. Spent the majority of the day climbing up Killington Peak. Awesome views at the top, sat and ate my lunch overlooking lush, green, undulating terrain. This part of Vermont is incredibly beautiful right now, I can only imagine it covered in snow.


Passed the "500 miles to Katahdin" sign today. I'm totally stoked to be this close to the end!


Definitely slowing down to intentionally stop and smell the roses now. New England at this time of year is quite a sight, and I don't want to speed through it because I'm so anxious to be finished. The anxieties and stressors of life will always be there waiting for me, there's no need to rush through this if I'm actually enjoying myself.


Hitched into Rutland, VT this afternoon to hit up the infamous Yellow Deli restaurant and hostel. While I completely disagree with their religious beliefs, the food is amazing and the hostel is extremely accommodating. If you're a hiker in this part of the world, this place is a must stop establishment.


Two days to West Hartford, VT and a zero.