Day 136


Date: 19 Jul 2016 0903PM

Location: Gentian Pond Shelter

Today's Miles: 11.8

Total Miles: 1902.6


Nice, slow day today. Slept in until around 0800 and ate a bunch of leftover pizza and wings. Packed my things and hand washed some clothes. The hiker yearbook guy Odie was hanging around town and offered to drive a few of us to the trailhead in his short bus, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and hopped on in.


Talked with him for about an hour before heading off back to the trail. Left town around noon, ended up bumping in to Starfish and chatting for the next few hours while hiking.


Arrived at the shelter the find the group! Filtered my water from a pond and got to watch a moose swimming around before heading into the woods for a night. Hung out for the rest of the evening, glad to be back together. Veggie Stu is leaving in a day or two to book it up to Kathadin, which sucks, but the rest of us will be hiking strong for the next few days at least.