Day 140


Date: 23 Jul 2016 1109PM

Location: Farmhouse Inn - Rangeley, ME

Today's Miles: 17.7

Total Miles: 1968.7


Tough go today.


Left the shelter pretty early, but the terrain in the morning was a bit rough. Even though the rest of the day looked pretty gradual, Maine is no joke and it took its toll on my body.


Started the day off breaking a hiking pole. Snapped the lowest segment right in two. Unlike Leki, Black Diamond doesn't replace the bottom sections of the pole (most likely because they know they break more often), so we did a little trail repair and it's... manageable for now. It's a little late in the game to be dropping $125 bucks on a set of poles for only two weeks of hiking, but if it comes down to it I totally will.


Rained through much of the afternoon, but the thought of getting to town and eating/hosteling it up kept me going. Chafed *super* bad today, but I doused myself in medicated powder after showering, which usually helps alleviate the problem. I'm unfortunately out of Body Glide, so I'm hoping I can get ahold of some tomorrow before I leave town.


Day went well otherwise. The group has been split the last two days, and a few of us have started a new discussion forum entitled 'Hot Topic', where we basically while away the hiking hours hitting up as many controversial topics as possible. Makes the day go by real fast, and I get to share my faith and beliefs with others so that's a huge plus.


Heading back out into the wild tomorrow morning after what I hear is going to be an amazing trail magic breakfast.