Day 143


Date: 26 Jul 2016 0850PM

Location: Little Bigelow Lean-to

Today's Miles: 14.4

Total Miles: 2016.2


Woke up from our dirt road stealth site this morning feeling pretty rough. I walked a ways to get some water for the day and started packing up my stuff.


Morning was a big climb over Bigelow, with the rest of the day spent humping over 'micro-bumps', as we so aptly named them.


Tough go all day. Really tired, probably from trying to move north as quickly as possible.


Arrived at the shelter and the place was packed. Southbounders are everywhere.


Getting some weird side rubbing from my shoes near the inside of my ankle. Considering I haven't had a single problem with my feet yet, it was inevitable that it would happen under two weeks from the end.