Day 145


Date: 28 Jul 2016 0903PM

Location: Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to

Today's Miles: 18.7

Total Miles: 2052.6


Awful night of sleep last night. Inflatable sleeping mat got punctured somehow so I had to sleep directly on the shelter floor. I typically sleep very comfortably, so this was a huge change for me.


Regardless, the night passed and other than being particularly sore in my shoulders and hips, I was alright. Spent the night in my bivy with bug netting, so least the bugs couldn't get to me, which is more I can say for the rest of the shelter inhabitants that night.


Short couple of miles to the Kennebec River where we were ferried across by a man in a canoe. There's an electric generating station up stream that frequently lets out water without warning, causing the river to rise between 2-4 feet within minutes. Seeing that the Kennebec at this junction is over four hundred feet wide, fording is highly discouraged.


Hitched around Caratunk, ME to pick up a mail drop and catch back up with our group minus. Had two burgers and a homemade milkshake before heading back out to the trail.


The blueberries have been out in force the past couple of days, so we're doing our best to fight them. Sometimes it gets really hard to continue walking because you're surrounded by them, but we do what we can to help the effort out. 


Have the shelter all to myself tonight, something that hasn't happened in weeks. There are few people here at the site, but everyone is tenting. Sleeping on my newly self repaired air mattress tonight, we'll see how it goes!


Wife offered to come pick me up from Monson, ME, so I decided to take her up on that offer. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, but it'll be worth it knowing I'll get to sleep in a super comfy bed and have a zero day at home.