Day 146


Date: 29 Jul 2016 0840PM

Location: Monson, ME

Today's Miles: 22.0

Total Miles: 2074.6


Woke up pretty haggard this morning. Been a struggle to drink enough water lately with all the streams being dry from lack of rain.


Wife offered to pick us up from Monson, ME this evening, so it was a long day of pushing it pretty hard. Managed to get to the road before our pickup deadline, which felt like a victory for us considering it was so hot.


Otherwise, just another day on the trail. Numbers of southbounders are starting to pick up, but most are in high spirits which is both a blessing and a curse. It's nice to see people so animated and excited about their adventure, just not when you're going through the opposite extreme of emotions by nearing the end of yours.


Drove the hour and a half ride back to Bangor, where we stopped at Dysarts to give those who came back with me a taste of Maine. Made it back home, got settled in, crashed for the night.


Zeroing tomorrow. Should be fantastic.