Day 124


Date: 07 Jul 2016 1135PM

Location: Hanover, NH

Today's Miles: 9.6

Total Miles: 1746.9


Said goodbye to the wife this morning as she dropped me back off in West Hartford, VT for a little slack packing. I left my things at a fellow hiker's house who lives in Hanover, NH.


Hiking went off without a hitch, got into Hanover early in the afternoon before the rain hit. Grabbed a late lunch, some Starbucks, and walked the few blocks back to the house.


Sat around for most of the afternoon just hanging out with hiker folk. Took a drive to the grocery store to pickup a birthday cake for a hiker's birthday, and spent the rest of the evening being relatively social.


We set up a little tent city in the back yard of the property. It's super humid tonight, and it looks like the temperatures will remain in the 70's. Doesn't make for great sleeping weather, especially with all of the mosquitos bounding around.


Back to the trail tomorrow. White Mountains, here I come!