Day 148


Date: 31 Jul 2016 0954PM

Location: Long Pond Stream

Today's Miles: 14.4

Total Miles: 2089.0


Excellent day today.


Packed up and ate breakfast in Orono this morning. Food was delicious, company was endearing. Switched vehicles to that of a good friend of mine who thru hiked last year. Her and her husband are delighted to help us however they can and offered to drive us back to the trail. They also offered to slack pack us today, something I gladly took them up on.


Arrived in Monson, ME and stopped by the ATC's visitor center in town. Pre registered for our visit to Kathadin, headed out of town to the trail.


Got our pictures taken by the infamous one hundred mile wilderness warning sign, then pushed into the wild.


Hiked together until a little under halfway, then I took off to rendezvous with the friends who drove us back to the trail. Met up with them, grabbed my extra stuff, and set up camp while eating a pizza they brought in for us.


Met up with Johnny Rocket on the way to the meet up place, he's camping just up the trail from us tonight. Really great to find him!


Camped tonight by a lovely stream. Typically it would be incredibly full and loud, but without any recent rain it's a pleasant drone in the background.