Day 149


Date: 01 Aug 2016 0846PM

Location: West Branch Pleasant River

Today's Miles: 16.0

Total Miles: 2104.9


Lazy start today. Knew the day was different when I woke up at 0730 and everyone else was fast asleep. Took advantage of the time and quietly packed up and did my morning chores.


We sat around eating breakfast and chatting until 0930 before everyone was ready to go. Morning was slow going due to Barren Mountain, but we picked up speed after the summit.


Water was scarce so we didn't end up stopping for a rest until later in the day when we came across a water source that was actually flowing. Took quite the break, which was welcome indeed.


Bunch of ups and downs to finish off the afternoon, with a long, steep down at the end. Got to our planned stopping point for the day to see our trail magic friends yet again, with snacks, drinks, fresh water, and most importantly - cheese burgers!


Managed to get set up for the night and get in the sack just before dark. Tomorrow should be another doozie of a day due to White Cap Mountain, but after that we'll have smooth sailing to Katahdin.