Day 151


Date: 03 Aug 2016 0835PM

Location: Antlers Campsite

Today's Miles: 18.1

Total Miles: 2137.4


What a beautiful day of hiking today. The terrain was totally in our favor, as was the weather.


Lounged around for a little bit this morning, but not too long since the logging road we camped next to was pretty busy throughout the morning. There was traffic on it as early as 0230 and on. Regardless, the night passed and another day of hiking began.


Near lunch we arrived at the beach on Crawford Pond. Stayed there for over two hours swimming, lounging, chatting, and eating.


Pushed hard for the next couple of hours and arrived at the Antlers Campsite. What a beautiful place. The entire campsite is on a peninsula of sorts, surrounded by water with numerous sites having direct access to the pond. We arrived well before dusk, set up our tents, made and ate our dinner and went for an evening swim as the sun set.


It's definitely starting to sink in that this adventure is practically over. In just a few short days the journey will be complete, the mission accomplished.


Oh to relish the last moments.