Day 152


Date: 04 Aug 2016 0819PM

Location: Nahmakanta West Beach

Today's Miles: 13.1

Total Miles: 2150.5


Another solid, yet lazy day. Woke up at the campsite and slowly packed up for the day. Sat around chatting and eating breakfast while we decided in what the plan was for the next few days to Kathadin.


Left camp and hiked for a few miles. Stopped at a shelter for a little bit, then pushed on. Around midday we arrived at a nice spot along a stream and hung out in and around the water and napped for more than two hours.


Arrived at our current spot and called it a night. We had planned on going a little further north to the shelter but when we got to the lake and found suitable campsites we decided this was it for the night. Glad we did, because this spot is beautiful.


Set up camp, took a sunset swim, ate some food and passed out for the night. 


While they call this place the 'Hundred Mile Wilderness', we've seen more people out here (locals and families, kids summer camping groups) then anywhere else on the entire Appalachian Trail. Around our secluded campsite alone there are over two dozen people camping. It isn't ideal, but it's nice to see people it and enjoying the wilderness and the good weather.


Three more days to Katahdin.