Day 153


Date: 05 Aug 2016 0833PM

Location: Rainbow Lake

Today's Miles: 15.7

Total Miles: 2166.1


Got a relatively early start on the day, the sun was hot real early and we had a relatively big climb coming out of camp. Pretty hot throughout the morning, got to the top of Nesuntabunt Mountain and literally wrung the sweat out of my shirt.


Cruised along for a few miles and swam in a stream for a little while. A few more miles in we had lunch by another outstanding water hole.


Planned on going a little bit further this evening, but someone mentioned a great camping area right on the shore of Rainbow Lake so when we arrived we decided to stop for the night.


After setting up and going for a swim, we heard voices coming from across the lake. We though we recognized them, and low and behold it was the rest of the group! Me, River, and Johnny Rocket all jumped in and swam across to where they were, a happy reunion ensuing.


Spent the rest of the evening catching up and making food. It's such a good feeling being back together, knowing we'll be summiting together in a few days time.