Day 154


Date: 06 Aug 2016 0939PM

Location: Abol Pines Campgrounds

Today's Miles: 18.0

Total Miles: 2174.1


Early start today, wanted to get to the restaurant at Abol Bridge just as they opened. Got there a half an hour early, stood on the bridge and watched the Penobscot flow past with Katahdin in the background.


Ate an expensive, but delicious lunch of poutine and fish and chips while we all tried to figure out what we were going to do. The thru hiker campsite filled up before 0700 this morning, and there was nothing else available in the park.


I paid for some wifi and found out that the friends of mine who did some trail magic in the hundred mile wilderness were spending a few days at a campground just outside the park, so I began searching around for them. Found them pretty quickly and worked out a plan to slack pack southbound from The Birches back to Abol Bridge, with them dropping us off back at The Birches tomorrow to hike up to Katahdin.


The afternoon hike through Baxter along the AT was splendid. Took a dip in Daicey Pond and sat by Big Niagara for a little while. Such beautiful wilderness.


Got back to Abol and bumped in to Cupcake and Rambo, so good to see them and they're camping right next to us tonight!


Friends had a delicious dinner cooking for us of chicken and jalapeños on hotdog buns with fruit salad and coleslaw. We then had smores over a fire as the sun set over the river. What a great last night on the trail.


Early day tomorrow, want to try and hit up the knifes edge trail on the way down the mountain so we're getting to the gate tomorrow morning as soon as they open.