Day 15

Miles: 0

Total Mileage: 227

Currently at the Slaley Hall hotel and spa for our day off. Relatively posh place, albeit a bit rough around the edges - but our rooms are nice and there's a big comfy bed, so overall it's a great place for a day off. 

Drew the curtains last night to ensure I wasn't woke up this morning by the sun, but I still only managed to sleep in until about 0730. Ended up going to the pool and spa early in the morning and avoided the crowds. 

Came back, napped a bit, then went to brunch. Massage booked for early afternoon, then another relaxing trip to the pool before dinner. 

While the hot tub helped a bit with my shin splints, they're still there. Research tells me the only  true solution is rest, but that won't be coming any time soon. For now it's all about pain management.