Day 61

Miles: 20.4

Total Mileage: 836.9

Rainy day today, ironic since we're in the 'dryest county in all of England'. 

Spent the day walking around the town of Norwhich. 

Walked to a hospital who runs a program with the charity hat employed veterans, a beautiful chapel (where there was supposed to be a lot of people), and we ended the day at a police station (the police station is piloting one of the charity's programs that intervenes on a veteran's behalf if they're beginning to enter the criminal justice system).

Good, solid day of walking. 

Day 60

Miles: 16.4

Total Mileage: 816.5

Holkham Hall to the WWTW HQ at Stody Barns. 

Prince Harry joined us once again today, great to have him with. Started our walk at the place we stayed last night and ended at the WWTW headquarters. 

Lunch stop was at a friend of the WWTW family's house and was very pleasant. Reception at HQ was equally nice, we had a BBQ and sat around talking until it was dark. 

Good day walking through some more English countryside.